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Distinctive depth and complexity synonymous with the Johnnie Walker trademark. The palate is very interesting with acacia honey and a note of beeswax. This is a whisky with a lot to keep your taste buds interested. The world of whisky and food pairings is vast and exciting, with some unlikely yet delicious combinations that will blow you away. I mostly agree though single malt is the only kind where I drawn the line and will add a dash of filtered water, nothing more. Attempts have been made to copy the unique flavour of Scotch Whiskies in many parts of the world, but with no success whatsoever. One to watch is James Chase, drinks entrepreneur and owner of the highly successful Chase Distillery in Hereford which produces a range of premium gins and vodkas. Nevertheless, Ardmore actually was among the ten largest malt whisky distilleries in Scotland until a few years ago. All of its power is generated by a turbine house which processes 20 million litres of water an hour. Discover how aging barrels at sea created an incredible new category of bourbon. Balblair Distillery, located in the Northern Highlands of Scotland was founded by John Ross in 1790 on the shores of the Dornoch Firth in the village of Edderton. Everyone who enjoys a good whisky should read this article, it puts into perspective the expectations of the consumer. Clean presentation, some green to it and a bit of peat in the delivery. I hope you can try it at at a bar or even through a sample split with friends. The first runnings from this second distillation are not considered potable and it Tyrconnell Port Cask 10 Year Old Port Dundas North Star Single Cask 2004 12 Year Old is only when the spirit reaches an acceptable standard that it is collected in the Spirit Receiver.

I remember 2002 walking through barley fields in Roseile (nr Benromach - Forres) Now drinking the fields bounty is romantic but more striking is the quality of this malt, its nose is malt, leather - black polish. Matured for 19 long years in North American oak, our Vintage 1991 rewards you with sweet vanilla and creamy butterscotch Tyrconnell Port Cask 10 Year Old notes, quickly followed by a burst of orange citrus and subtle heathery smoke. At this time it was mistakenly believed that the distillery was first established in 1845, and once the war was over, George saw fit to hold a centenary celebration. The portfolio still concentrates on no-age-statement releases, some exclusively from (now very rare) old stock, others from new, some from a mix. The other signature of Highland Park comes later in the process with maturation. The distillery was built by Peter Mackenzie in 1826. Based on my own personal experiences so far, most bottlings seem not really worth the Tyrconnell Port Cask 10 Year Old trouble of tracking down. This Tyrconnell Port Cask 10 Year Old distillery has been in the ownership of the Mitchell family and its ancestors since 1837.

Taste : Sour to start, with some on-the-turn butter, pine needles, pink custard and a bucket of burning leaves and flowers. Comment : Benromach have succeeded in their aim of Tyrconnell Port Cask 10 Year Old going back to the classic Speyside style of the 1960s, and the whisky has a very traditional feel about. The pot sills have a constriction and the lyne arm is rising very slightly.

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