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If you are eager to make a 30-minute trip out of town, you can do a tour at Glenkinchie, whose 12-year-old whisky is known for its fresh and Kilkerran Cask Strength 1st Edition 8 Year Old light character and its notes of citrus and freshly cut grass. An, unsurprisingly, amber-coloured dram from Macallan, part of the colour-named 1824 Series. Why not have both on sale giving this whisky a different name. ADDING ICE Adding ice to your favourite single malt Scotch whisky is such a shame. Cambus Distilery was located in the city of Stirling, which is at the crossroads of Scotland -- midway between Glasgow and Edinburgh, where the Lowlands meet the Highlands. Finish: Toffee, nutty, malt, coffee, light pepper, spice, dry, delicate, smooth. Wheat adds elegance and a soft, smooth character, often with hints of nuts and cinnamon. Presented in a granite-effect flagon made in Revol in France, it has a 24-carat gold plated crest on the front. When you just go over the production methods it seems that everywhere that they could be saving money by cutting a corner, they are not only avoiding the cut, but often spending double or triple what similar whisky makers are spending. Michael Jackson - Whisky Magazine Issue Kilkerran Cask Strength 1st Edition 8 Year Old 28 Nose Spicy oak tones along Kilkerran Cask Strength 1st Edition 8 Year Old with fig rolls, soft baked fruit, Arran Cask Strength Bere Barley 2004 10 Year Old Dundee cake and roasted walnut. It is sweet and smooth with a slow relasing lingering mild spice after taste. Black Maple Hill has been described as a rare and mysterious bourbon brand and has earned a cult status since its entry into the beverage industry. Got this as a Christmas gift from my son who likes me to try Kilkerran Cask Strength 1st Edition 8 Year Old a new to me single malt.

The Glen Grant Chieftains Single Cask 93321 1997 20 Year Old price of grain whisky is generally more homogenous than malt. These notes then combine with a viscous spicy feel and sweet dates on the finish. Fermentation, for example, is carried out entirely by hand. Many subtle and spicy surprises hiding behind the wall of fruits. Our Caol Ila Cask Strength 2005 11 Year Old website uses cookies, as almost all websites. We have something for everyone: historical appeal, Kilkerran Cask Strength 1st Edition 8 Year Old scientific interest (chemistry behind distillation) as well as the sensory aspect of nosing and tasting a huge variety of malts and blends. Comment : A great whisky holding all the flavours of all the Glenfarclas in one glass. It opens with lots of orchard notes and spicy flavours of cinnamon and fennel. By the time Glenkinchie was founded in 1837, 115 licensed distilleries were recorded in the Lowlands, though their products would probably not pass muster today. This is a very strong whisky from the Bruichladdich distillery. The production capacity was almost doubled when the distillery Glen Grant Speyside Single Malt Scotch 1952 60 Year Old re-opened in 2013 after being closed for over a decade. This is significant not just in retention of heritage, but in flavour terms. Built in 1779, Bowmore (Gaelic for "great reef") is the oldest legal distillery on Islay.

Today, with just two Lowland distilleries left in production, Glenkinchie is the undisputed champion of the light Lowland style. In keeping with tradition, we use stills of the same size and shape as the ones William Grant first used, ensuring the integrity of our whisky. And of course, there are also well known disclosed quality vatted malts out there, like those from Compass Box (who make both traditional blends and vatted malts of multiple distilleries). Tantalisingly sweet, medicinal flavours infused with enticing sparks of spicy pepper and dried fruit with rich peaty smoke and a velvety vanilla and malty creaminess.

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