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What a bloody fantastic tool.

I went from seeing it mentioned in a link on the hypermail website, to downloading, installing, configuring, integrating the PHP, setting up the cron jobs and having it all working within the hour.

Now that's how good software is meant to integrate.

- Web Team

About Swish-e

Swish-e is a fast, flexible, and free open source system for indexing collections of Web pages or other files. Swish-e is ideally suited for collections of a million documents or smaller. Using the GNOME™ libxml2 parser and a collection of filters, Swish-e can index plain text, e-mail, PDF, HTML, XML, Microsoft® Word/PowerPoint/Excel and just about any file that can be converted to XML or HTML text. Swish-e is also often used to supplement databases like the MySQL® DBMS for very fast full-text searching. Check out the full list of features.

Swish-e was featured in the Linux Journal article How to Index Anything by Josh Rabinowitz.

Swish-e is descended from the original web indexing program SWISH by WWW Hall of Famer Kevin Hughes.