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[swish-e] migrating from swish-e 2.4.7

From: at <Mark>
Date: Fri, 5 Jul 2013 15:42:20 -0500

I have been using swish-e 2.4.7 for sometime now on internal web servers
running RHEL5.  But, I would like to use it now for something much larger
which needs incremental updates.

I have read about swish3 but I'm not sure how to migrate to it.  Some of
the features in swish-e 2.4.7 that I rely on are:

1) The "ReplaceRules regex" feature of the configuration file.  This allows
me to take textual exports of various tools and convert their exports into
working URLs to the source documents.
2) The ability to return some context with the search results.  I use
StoreDescription to configure this.
3) Simple cgi interface provided by swish.cgi and .swishcgi.conf.

The Xapian Omega cgi interface looks like a good replacement for #3, but
how do I still use ReplaceRules like found in my current swish
configuraiton file?

Thanks for any help or pointers you can provide!

- Mark

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