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[swish-e] PropertyNames

From: at <Peter>
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2013 17:09:59 +0000
I'm confused about how to get the H1 elements of indexed HTML files back 
in a search.
says (under the -p argument):

 > Properties are defined by the ProperNames directive in the
 > configuration file (see SWISH-CONFIG) and properties must also be
 > defined in MetaNames.

So in my .conf file I say:

> PropertyNames heading
> PropertyNamesMaxLength 1000 heading
> PropertyNameAlias heading h1
> MetaNames heading

It indexes without error, but if I search with

$ swish-e -f courses.index -w nursing -p heading

I just get lines like this:

> 1000 /ckw17/index.html "Nursing (Orthopaedic Nursing) - University College Cork (UCC)" 30373 ""
> 981 /cku11/index.html "Nursing (Orthopaedic Nursing) - University College Cork (UCC)" 31904 ""
> 974 /ckw04/index.html "Nursing (Emergency Nursing) - University College Cork (UCC)" 30691 ""
> 960 /ckw05/index.html "Nursing (Cardiac and Intensive Care) - University College Cork (UCC)" 32651 ""

1. Is that empty "" at the end meant to be the property?
2. What am I doing wrong in the .conf file?
3. Once it's working, is it possible to get properties into a -x format 

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