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Re: [swish-e] SWISH-E Perl Support on Windows

From: Thomas den Braber <"Thomas>
Date: Fri, 01 Mar 2013 10:25:08 +0100

I have a version for Windows build for ActiveState Perl 5.14 32bit.
It is not a ppm but needs to be manually installed.

If you are interested I can put it on a server somewhere.

I have cross compiled it on Ubuntu. Here is a part of the wiki that explains how to:

Cross-compiling for Windows on Debian or Ubuntu
Required Tools

Install a native Windows cross-compiler such as Mingw32 in addition to your normal build

sudo apt-get install mingw32 mingw32-binutils mingw32-runtime subversion make

If you want to generate the pretty wizard-like installation program then install tofrodos
and NSIS (From Debian main or Ubuntu universe):

sudo apt-get install tofrodos nsis

If you intend to compile the Perl SWISH::API module then install XVFB (X Virtual Framebuffer):

sudo apt-get install xvfb


Build libxml2, pcre, and zlib libraries. You will also need catdoc and xpdf if you plan to
build the NSIS installation wizard. You may use the prebuilt dependencies (libraries and
filters) for Swish-e.


Extract the build environment

tar xzf swish-build-2008-03-09.tar.gz

Change to the work directory

cd swish-build

Configuring Perl (optional)

I have included a copy of ActivePerl 5.8 in the swish-build archive. You probably will
need to run reloc_perl.bat. Make sure wine is installed and works properly. Run the
following commands:

 pushd perl/bin
 wine cmd

Now you will find yourself in Wine's NT command interpreter with the working directory set
to perl/bin. Look at everything before bin. That's what you'll want to set for your
topath. Here is how I would run that command (leave off the .bat file extension):

 reloc_perl -a -i Z:\home\kg9ae\Projects\SWISHE\swish-build\perl

Once that is complete and, hopefully, completes without any errors close the NT command shell:


Now switch back to your swish-build work directory:


Building Swish-e for Windows

Grab the latest Swish-e revision from SVN

svn co swish-e

Run the script to generate the Swish-e executable and libswish-e libraries

pushd swish-e
sh ./src/win32/


You may see make: *** [API.c] Error 127 when it tries to build SWISH::API Perl module.
This means you haven't built the SWISH::API module. You can safely ignore this unless you
intended to build the perl module. If you did want the perl module then make sure you
following the instructions in the previous section (Configuring Perl).
Packaging Swish-e for Installation on Windows

If you have not built SWISH::API you may do the following to appease NSIS

mkdir -p perl/blib/arch/auto
touch perl/blib/arch/auto/dummy

Now all you need to do is run to build your NSIS installation wizard

sh ./src/win32/

Now you should have a Windows installer named ./src/win32/swishsetup.exe

$ ls -lah src/win32/swishsetup.exe

Thomas den Braber

From: Kruno Sever <kruno(at)>
To: Swish-e Users Discussion List <users(at)>
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2013 21:24:36 +0100
Subject: Re: [swish-e] SWISH-E Perl Support on Windows

> Am 27.02.2013 16:26, schrieb Peter Karman:
> > Kruno,
> >
> > Nothing much has changed since 2009. The chief reason we never released
> > a 2.4.8, let alone a 2.6.0, version of swish-e was because there are no
> > active developers with sufficient knowledge of Windows to provide a
> > Windows build. The wiki[0] that hosted the Windows build documentation
> > is now offline and there hasn't been sufficient interest from developers
> > with Windows knowledge to resurrect those efforts. There hasn't been a
> > meaningful commit to the swish-e svn repository in nearly 3 years[1].
> Hm, is there no backup of that Windows build documentation around? It 
> sure would be handy info for my current problem.
> > So as is the case with many open source projects, development withers on
> > the vine without new volunteers.
> >
> > All my efforts in the last 8 years have been toward swish3 and now
> > Dezi[2]. I know that libswish3 will not compile on Windows[3] and, as
> > with swish-e, since I don't have time or interest in that platform, I
> > have no plans to invest effort in that direction.
> >
> > Sorry to be a downer, but there it is.
> >
> > It sounds like you've made some good progress with getting swish-e to
> > work for you on Windows, and should you care to share your learnings
> > with this list, I'm sure others would benefit in the future.
> If I manage successes, I will gladly share.
> At least for 2.4.7, there seems to be no major problem with compiling 
> the sources as well as Perl support within cygwin. The missing gcc-4 
> from my last mail is easily resolved by adding the cygwin gcc4 package 
> and with those requirements met, the standard Linux install appears to 
> just work so far.
> I have started an attempt to compile the Perl modules for ActiveState 
> Perl 5.16.2. So far I installed the dmake module of ActiveState via ppm, 
> providing dmake.exe. To use the gcc.exe provided by cygwin I had to 
> replace the link with a copy of the gcc-4.exe it linked to, as Windows 
> cannot follow the cygwin link.
> Currently I need a suitable swish-setup file to continue compiling the 
> module, maybe I will get to that tomorrow. I haven't lost hope yet, at 
> any rate ;)
> Best
>    Kruno
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