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Re: [swish-e] SWISH-E Perl Support on Windows

From: at <Kruno>
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2013 11:45:03 +0100
Am 26.02.2013 19:15, schrieb Peter Karman:
> On 2/26/13 4:51 AM, Kruno Sever wrote:
>> Is there a specific reason why Perl 5.8 is apparently required? It seems
>> a little strange to me that there should be a problem with newer Perl
>> versions.
> The distributed Windows Perl binary is compiled XS/C against a
> particular version of Perl. Perl 5.8 and 5.10 are not binary compatible,
> so if you want to use a newer version of Perl than what was used in
> building the Windows binaries, you'll need to compile your own.

Thanks for the quick reply. Is there a list of instructions available to 
achieve this?

By searching for compiling instructions for Windows, I did find a post 
by you from 2009 for this problem, though you just mention that staying 
with Perl 5.8 is "definitely easier". Since that was 4 years ago, 
perhaps it got easier?

Anyway, I am willing to go the more complex route and have a notebook 
set up for testing with ActiveState Perl 5.16 installed. I have read 
that there should be a compiler packaged with this Perl version, though 
I haven't located it in my install yet.

So far I tried to do the standard compile in cygwin: I installed the 
packages gcc, make and the w32-headers and w32-runtime in order to have 
the ./configure succeed. Then make, make test and make install installed 
swish-e successfully in /usr/local/bin.

I did have a problem installing the perl modules, as the make complains 
about a missing gcc-4 binary, though I can't look into that right now.

Once that works, I should be able to use cygwin's perl at least, though 
I still would be interested to get a cygwin-independent version usable 
via ActiveState Perl. I hope you can help out here.


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