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[swish-e] SWISH-E Perl Support on Windows

From: at <Kruno>
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2013 11:51:54 +0100
Hi all!

I am trying to set up the SWISH-E Perl Modules for ActiveState Perl on 
Windows 8.

This works as long I preinstall ActiveState Perl Version 5.8. Subsequent 
Installation of the SWISH-E Binary works and after copying the SWISH 
directory to my site/lib I can use SWISH from Perl scripts.

But with Perl 5.10+ the situation is different. Installation of SWISH-E 
2.4.7 gives the message

"Active Perl 5.8 is not installed! SWISH-E Perl Support will not work 
and has been deselected."

I attempted to try the latest snapshot binary but the link 
( just leads back to the same page, so no success here.

Now I really want to upgrade my Perl version here with loosing the SWISH 
Perl API and google searching hasn't helped me so far, hence I am 
turning to the mailing list.

Is there a specific reason why Perl 5.8 is apparently required? It seems 
a little strange to me that there should be a problem with newer Perl 

If you can provide any assistance, I'd really appreciate it.

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Received on Tue Feb 26 2013 - 10:51:44 GMT