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[swish-e] Ok - I do not understand what the problem is

From: at <Joseph>
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2012 16:12:03 -0700
I have the following:

swish-e -w "China Confirms Gold Price Suppression" -s names desc title 
desc -f /home/cs/sw/swishe/gold/i

No hits

however when I do this:

grep -l "China Confirms Gold Price Suppression" /home/cs/sw/swishe/gold/*

I get a hit - here is my conf file:

IndexReport 1
IndexOnly .xml
IndexContents XML*  .xml
IndexDir /home/cs/sw/swishe/gold/
IndexFile /home/cs/sw/swishe/gold/index.swish-e
ParserWarnLevel 1
IgnoreTotalWordCountWhenRanking yes
PropertyNames names title

Any ideas?  Thanks for the help

#Joseph Norris (Linux/Apache/Mysql/Perl - what else is there?)
print (at)not-real.c=map chr $_+100,(6,17,15,16,-68,-3,10,11,
16,4,1, 14,-68,12,1,14,8, -68,4,-3,-1,7,1,14,-68,
-26,11,15,1,12, 4,-68,-22,11,14,14,5,15,-90);

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