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[swish-e] Indexing Excel under Ubuntu?

From: David H. Brown <"David>
Date: Thu, 3 May 2012 14:40:30 -0400
For a number of years, I've been indexing Excel files as HTML using
OpenOffice and a utility "unoconv"; that survived the first migrations to
LibreOffice with the 11.x series, but I just upgraded the server to Ubuntu
12.04 and something has changed such that unoconv hangs on some subset of
excel files, pinning the server at 100% CPU utilization. 

So for now, I've commented out my FileFilters for those (and removed form
IndexOnly) and am not indexing them, but I thought I'd check in here and see
whether anyone had other thoughts/preferences/favorite methods for indexing
Excel. I'll ask around on the unoconv site too
( and see whether an update is in
the works.

#FileFilter .xls "/usr/bin/unoconv" "-d spreadsheet -f html --stdout %P"
#FileFilter .xlsx "/usr/bin/unoconv" "-d spreadsheet -f html --stdout %P"

David H. Brown

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Received on Thu May 03 2012 - 18:40:34 GMT