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[swish-e] checking spelling errors + bug with -k

From: at <Frances>
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2012 18:01:43 +0000
portmanteau of queries
(a) has development of 2.4.7 now totally stopped - if so is there a new 
version that will run nicely under various windows and debian derived 
packages (Mint11 is current flavour of month)
(b) does the -k flag ignore the -f as only way I can get it to work is 
to copy my index files to default names
(c) is it possible to get a list of the more uncommon words from the 
index - some versions ago I used to look at the less common and check 
for spelling/ocr errors - does anyone have suggestions as to how to do 
this now (I have mostly English (but from 17th C onwards) but some Latin 
+ some Manx (+ smatterings of French/German + many non-standard 
abbreviations found in wills etc

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