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[swish-e] Indexing a Wordpress blog

From: at <ChiFli>
Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2011 18:20:53 -0300
Hello List!!
I have a working version of Swish-e(2.4.7) isntalled on my server . I need to index a wordpress site along with all pdf, doc, etc documents that i got on it and i already succeed on it but know i got some questions that i dont know how to answer.
Im using the PECL module to create a friendly search but i would like to put more advance functions like search by categories, authors, dates, etc. At the moment i just a simple text box to search without any option.

1. What would be the best way to search by categories, authors ,etc? I thought  that maybe converting all pages into xml and using the metanames. Wordpress adds categories, author , etx when create feeds, im not sure yet how to make it on a individually post case.

2. Do you know how to show a summary of where the indexed word is found ? I mean if i search for "potatoes" the result should display " I love to eat potatoes on fridays" . I just need the same as used in to search in the email list.

3. How often should i index my website ? (im using the .Shall i run a index every time a post is posted ?

4. Someone made this work with wordpress before? There is an irc channel?

Thanks a lot for all the help!!!

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Received on Sun Oct 23 2011 - 21:21:00 GMT