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[swish-e] swish-e - Help with Document-Path

From: <pgeo(at)>
Date: Tue Jun 15 2010 - 08:58:36 GMT
Hi @ all,
i didn´t have any experience with swish-e
and hope, somebody could help me:

Here´s the situation:

our webserver has mounted his Doc-Root on another Server via NFS; 
the server "see" his docroot for example as /export/customer1/html        

the index.html is then /export/customer1/html/index.html        

eg. there´s an document called "price.html" in directory 

But from extern (Internet) you´ll see only 

in my swish.conf i wrote:
IndexDir /export/customer1/html
IndexDir /export/customer2/html
and so on.

Now, when i start the search i get as result:                

Documentname (in this case: price.html)        

Last modified Date: xxx        

Document Size: 12323        

Document Path: /export/customer1/html/privatcustomer/price.html        

When i now click at the document Name the site will not be found because he 
try to get to         

                 and of course he didn´t find the requested document.     

So i had to tell swish-e that the path he returned must be only 

Did somebody have an idea what to do?
If you need further information, please contact me.
Many thanks for help.        






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