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Re: [swish-e] Problem with unique word

From: Peter Karman <peter(at)>
Date: Tue Jun 01 2010 - 02:54:44 GMT
Franck Dupont wrote on 5/31/10 3:21 AM:

> I've a list of files with towns :
> 1.txt => "Saint-Sulpice"
> 2.txt => "Saint"
> 3.txt => "Saint-Exupery"
> 4.txt => "Saint-Just"
> My problem is that when I search the unique word "Saint", the file 2.txt
> (witch containts only this word) is not the first result. 
> The others files containing "Saint" arrived before 2.txt
> How can I solve this problem ?

The order of results is, by default, determined by rank. Make sure you read this:

So the order of your results will depend upon the content of each file: it's
length, the placement and frequency of the search terms, etc.

You can sort by PropertyNames other than swishrank, and you can try alternate
ranking algorithms with the RankScheme option. The docs should outline both of

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