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[swish-e] trying to index pdf files on windows plattform

From: Lukas Frei <lukasmichaelfrei(at)>
Date: Thu May 27 2010 - 07:27:37 GMT
good morning everybody

i've been successfully running swish-e on a windows machine for several 
years now.  a new customer now insists on the indexing of pdf files. ok, 
i went at it, installed the newest 2.47 (with all necessary plugins) and 
tried.  but it does not work.  here is how i do it:

- the config file as in the attachment
- running the spider with the also attached allpedes.bat (the following 
merger step with the swish-e.exe is currently not included because of 
the initial problems described below).  the file has been renamed to 
allpedes.txt due to antispam stuff with gmail.
- the resulting www.allpedes.ch_spider.txt can be viewed here:

interestingly, there are NO pdf files indexed / dumped into the txt 
file, but they are there on the web site 
( for example - and the <a 
href>'s are easily found in the txt-file when searching for '.pdf'.

what am i missing or doing wrong?

working with conf files in that format has worked for me for years and i 
simply removed the |pdf on the filter list on line 6.

thanks for some help :)

regards, lukas

Lukas Frei
nextron internet team GmbH
Reinacherstrasse 129, CH-4053 Basel
Tel: +41 61 695 92 25 / Fax: +41 61 695 92 21

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