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Re: [swish-e] Parsing plain text emails to use the subject line as the title

From: Peter Karman <peter(at)>
Date: Tue Mar 23 2010 - 17:10:28 GMT
Troy Wical wrote on 03/23/2010 10:20 AM:
> On Mar 22, 2010, at 10:03 PM, Peter Karman wrote:
>> gah. well, for now, you can just rm the SWISH/ file on your  
>> system to
>> uninstall SWISH::3, and then SWISH::Prog will fall back to  
>> File::Slurp. If
>> *that* doesn't fix it, then there are deeper mysteries afoot.
> Doesn't look like it automagically fell back to File::Slurp.


Try re-installing SWISH::3 and grab the latest SWISH::Prog from svn. As
of r2926 the SWISH::3->slurp call is disabled.

Peter Karman  .  .  peter(at)
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