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Re: [swish-e] Installing the python module

From: David Norris <dave(at)>
Date: Fri Mar 05 2010 - 15:46:04 GMT
I did a bit of reading about building Python modules on Windows using
mingw-w32.  Python 2.6.4 is built using MSVC 9.  Which produces link
libraries which are incompatible with mingw.  However, its not too hard to
generate a link library for python26.dll.  So, I've gone ahead and done that
much for you since it requires a special tool and I have them handy.

Python 2.6 link library for mingw-w32:

Also, I went ahead and built some link libraries for Swish-e 2.4.4 (newer
builds aren't linked to the DLL) if you want to play around with those:

These are terribly, terribly outdated docs for creating an entirely new
Python module on Windows but might provide some pointers for building an
existing one:

I'd also suggest reading the Getting Started guide for mingw:

Looks to me like once you're done with all this you'd have a SwishE.dll file
you can drop into your site packages folder.

I would suggest building the latest version of Swish-e and everything from
scratch and linking that to the python module instead of using 2.4.4 but it
might serve as a proof of concept, at least, before you spend an entire day
on it.

  David L Norris

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