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[swish-e] Windows Set Up - Thanks

From: Jay Larson <jlarson(at)not-real.JJKELLER.COM>
Date: Wed Sep 30 2009 - 19:00:48 GMT
I just want to thank the people responsible for the Windows binaries and installation.
We have been using SWISH-E on our HP-Unix web server for our intranet for the last six or seven years.  And it has worked flawlessly.  Once I got the configuration tweaked and retweaked and retweaked...  
Due to several factors, we are migrating to an Windows web server farm.  So I started researching the Windows installation, and got a bit concerned.  Especially since any postings were from 2005 and earlier.  (And an earlier version of the binary.)  I got to a point of where I thought I understood what was going on so I got the binary and Active Perl and started installing on a test platform.  Well, I have to say it was stupid simple.  It did take me a bit to test the configuration and get the paths set up correctly.  In less than an hour I was pulling back results. 
So whoever is responsible, thank you.
Jay Larson
Intranet Developer
JJ Keller & Assoc., Inc.
Neenah, WI
920 722-2848 ext.2754

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