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Re: [swish-e] Swish 3

From: Peter Karman <peter(at)>
Date: Thu Jul 16 2009 - 13:52:44 GMT
[cc'ing swish list as my reply may be of interest to others]

Mehmet Erkek wrote on 07/14/2009 12:44 AM:

> Now I see that there is a project going on for Swish 3.  I understand 
> this incremental updates , as well, which is what we need. I have two 
> questions:
> 1)      Is there a timeline to release swish 3? When do you think it can 
> be released?

There is no specific timeline, as there is no specific feature roadmap. 
The code is stable and usable today. I've been focusing on getting the 
most essential Swish-e 2.x features working first, based on a purely 
personal evaluation of the features I need the most.

I've got the Xapian backend working well in the swish_xapian example 
program, and there's working Perl bindings available. The MetaNames and 
PropertyNames features work.

That said, I've recently started a $work project using swish_xapian and 
so that particular tool has been getting some attention. You can always 
see recent svn activity at:

There will be an official release when I know there are people actively 
testing the svn trunk and exercising the completed features. Thus far, I 
haven't heard from anyone on that score.

> 2)      Is there anything that we can do to help with release? I see 
> that you guys need testers  , this is one area I see we can get involved.

We need people to use svn trunk and point out the features they need 
that aren't currently available. That will do two things: (1) help 
define what features will be in the 1.0 release and (2) ensure that 
those features are well tested.

There's a getting started section here:

I'd love it if you checked out svn trunk and gave the swish_xapian tool 
a whirl. You'll need to install xapian-core first (my recent Ubuntu 
install has it installed by default). I'd love it too if you made a list 
of the features you are currently using in Swish-e 2.x (your config, how 
you search, etc.) so that we can prioritize the feature list.

As with most open source projects, Swish3 progresses on an unpaid 
volunteer timeline. If you want to see the pace of development quicken 
or focus on particular features, consider sponsoring features that you need.



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