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Re: [swish-e] building swish-e-2.4.5 using gcc 4

From: Peter Karman <peter(at)>
Date: Tue Jul 14 2009 - 13:32:43 GMT
Judith Retief wrote on 07/14/2009 02:06 AM:
> I've managed to get swish-e to build, but I'm not very comfortable with 
> the 'sollution'. I ran configure with the --with-pcre option and it 
> built fine. As the configure script has the line "Not building with perl 
> compatible regex - use --with-pcre to enable", I assume including 
> --with-pcre will build swish-e to use perl-compatible regular expressions.
> Why this would make swish-e compile sucessfully is not obvious to me, 
> and I'm not comfortable with problems going away magically :)
> Also, would perl-compatible regular expressions be meaningfully 
> different from non-compatible expressions? Basically: does building 
> --with-pcre result in swish providing different search results than without?

I expect the problem went away because the compiler is no longer trying 
to include regex.h from your local system, preferring instead to use the 
PCRE library header(s). That's a fine solution, if it lets you compile. 
Trust the compiler on this one.

Regular expression support will only affect indexing, and then only 
particular configuration options: any config option that matches on a 
pattern. So if you do not use pattern matching config options, you are 
unaffected by which regex lib is used. If you do use regex patterns 
during indexing, it may affect your search results only insofar as the 
particular config option you are using affects search results. So if you 
are matching to include certain file names and the pattern is not 
PCRE-compatible (though it likely will be -- PCRE is probably *more* 
robust than the local regex lib), those files may not be indexed.

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