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Re: [swish-e] concurrent access to index files

From: Judith Retief <JudithR(at)>
Date: Tue May 05 2009 - 11:31:18 GMT
Firstly, thanks for the reply.

> You don't mention the version you are using, so I'll assume
>  2.4.x with the native index format.

Yes, that's it.

> You would get much better performance if you held the index
> open in a persistent connection, instead of spawning shell
> processes with swish-e from your TCL app. That's what the 
> libswishe-e C lib and SWISH::API Perl module allow for. See the
> docs for those. See also the swished mod_perl app.

Unfortunately I'm working in TCL. So to make use of your modules I'd have to either write a TCL wrapper for the C library, or perhaps write a perl process that talks to my TCL code via a socket. Is there another way? 

> OTOH, if you are consistently swapping in a new index every few minutes, 
> you'll need to close those persistent connections periodically. 

This might cause us some problems - our searches need to be pretty 'live' - definitely within a minute of submission it has to be searchable. 

> But those observations are about your architecture, not the
>  particular behaviour you are seeing.

Welcome advice in any case, I'll see if I can do anything about reusing connections. 

> I would be looking at OS and hardware limitations first, 
> just to eliminate those. Like, are you hitting swap for
>  some reason.

Ok thanks, will do.

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