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[swish-e] Passing in MetaNames/Properties as headers in prog method.

From: Andrew Smith <andrewksmith(at)>
Date: Fri May 01 2009 - 21:09:28 GMT
I don't think this is possible but it would seem to be a very useful
feature. Currently when you use the prog input method with Swish-e you
write out some headers with info such as content length, path, etc.
and then you write the actual content to index. The list of headers
you can pass is limited however to Path-Name, Content-Length, and a
couple others:

It would be very useful if you could pass in metanames and properties
for documents as headers. If you are indexing only XML and you control
the XML format, you could just add XML tags to the indexed documents
for this purpose, but if you don't control the XML format or are
indexing more than just XML (text and/or html too) then this wouldn't
work. And in this case it would still be nice to have a way to attach
metanames and properties to indexed documents. Again, I don't think
this is possible in Swish-e now but it would seem to be a very useful

Andrew Smith
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Received on Fri May 1 17:09:27 2009