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[swish-e] Grouping Search Results based on directory path

From: Chad Kellerman <sunckell(at)>
Date: Mon Apr 27 2009 - 19:45:38 GMT
Users -
      I believe I have a simple problem, but I am having a difficult time
finding a solution.  I've read through the documentation on the swish-e
website and the man pages, and either I just read over what I was looking
for, or it's not in there.

     Here is a brief description of what I would like to do:

I am indexing a /export/safe/QA file directory.  In the /export/safe/QA
directory are about 300 other directories that contain project names.  I am
using the cgi to do the display of the search.  Sometimes a search will have
results located multiple times within a project directory as well as in
multiple project directories.

   I am looking to sort the results of the search so that the display will
be grouped by project name (I.E directory)

Here is my swish-e information:
./swish-e -V
SWISH-E 2.4.6

my Conf file looks like:
# Tell Swish-e what to index (same as -i switch above)
IndexDir /export/safe/QA

NoContents .jar .ear .png .war .gif .tar .zip .dll

# Tell Swish-e that .txt files are to use the text parser.
IndexContents TXT* .txt

# Otherwise, use the HTML parser
#DefaultContents HTML*
DefaultContents TXT*

# Ask libxml2 to report any parsing errors and warnings or
# any UTF-8 to 8859-1 conversion errors
ParserWarnLevel 9

# location of index file
IndexFile /safe/data/qa.index

StoreDescription TXT* <body> 200000

Any help or direction would be appreciated.



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