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[swish-e] How to see neighbouring words around my search-hit ?

From: Raemaekers Mark <markraem(at)>
Date: Fri Apr 10 2009 - 13:31:57 GMT

I installed swish-e 2.4.7 successfully on linux, and I would like to use it to index .tcl  source files.
In order to index .tcl files I specified the TXT* method as DefaultContents value in my swish.conf file.

It indexes correctly.

I am also able to do searches via a web browser, by makeing use of the default swish.cgi file.

I do have one problem : When I do a search of word I get a list of files, but I only see the first line of the file where my searchword is found.

I would like to see some words before and after (even 2 previous lines and next 2 lines) my searchword as well .

Inside my swish.cgi file, I have following statement :

 package         => 'SWISH::PhraseHighlight',

In fact, when my searchword occurs in the first line of a file that searchword is highlighted, so this works correctly.

I allready changed the values show_words and max_words, but I only get the first line of the file the searchword is found.

Is it because I am indexing .tcl files that this feature is not working correctly ?

here you see my swish.conf file :

IndexOnly .tcl 
IndexDir /tests/tclprocs

IndexComments yes
DefaultContents TXT*
IndexReport 1

# to test the RankScheme
IgnoreTotalWordCountWhenRanking 0

Thanx in advance.

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Received on Fri Apr 10 09:31:57 2009