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Re: [swish-e] Windows 2.4.6 candidate [was: 2.4.6 for perl 5.10]

From: Peter Karman <peter(at)>
Date: Thu Mar 05 2009 - 05:35:21 GMT
Thomas den Braber wrote on 3/4/09 10:36 AM:
> Peter,
> I have tested your new release.
> The indexing works fine but the searching with the swish Perl api make
> Apache crash if used with modperl.
> If using 2.4.5 with my self compiled swish-e api for Perl 5.10, it works
> great and it is absolutely stable but with the new 2.4.6 release ( I made
> sure that all files where updated in the Perl tree ) Apache crashed if I
> do a search. Only searing for an attribute that returns all records like
> "not swishtitle=0" work fine.
> The error in apache is: Faulting application httpd.exe, version,
> faulting module msvcrt.dll, version 7.0.3790.3959, fault address 0x0000d9de.

can you tell if the error happens when trying to fetch properties, or at search
time, or...?

> Did you compile it with the latest zlib from ?

I did not. I used what was in Dave's tar package.

> Maybe there is a conflict with the zlib1.dll that is in the apache
> directory ? Although the zlib was there when using 2.4.5

possible, I guess.

> I will try to compile it on my Ubunbtu with the latest zib libs and your
> fix.

yes, that will tell us something. hopefully it will be a useful something. :)

Peter Karman  .  .  peter(at)
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Received on Thu Mar 5 00:35:17 2009