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[swish-e] Search.cgi error

From: Cutts III, James H. <CuttsJ(at)>
Date: Fri Jul 25 2008 - 16:25:23 GMT
I am working my way through the process getting Swish-e to work on my
Windows XP /IIS 5.1 setup. I've made pretty good progress.

I can run Swish-e (V.2.4.5) to index the files. 
I can run Swish-e from the command line to query the files.
I can access Swish-e through the Perl API.
I can run Perl scripts in IIS server.
I have renamed search.cgi to
I can run from the command line and it generates the search
page html.
I can run from the web server and it generates the search

However, if I make a query to the web page, I get the following error:
"undef error - Unknown property name in display properties Invalid
property name 'swishdescription' at C:/Perl/site/lib/Template/
line 453."

I can get this error when running from the command line if I set the
$request->{query} = <a search word> in the file.

Are there any suggestions on how to eliminate this error?

James H. Cutts III

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Received on Fri Jul 25 12:25:46 2008