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Re: [swish-e] Javascript front-end?

From: Janet Swisher <swisher(at)>
Date: Wed Jul 23 2008 - 15:49:29 GMT
Hi Peter,

Thanks for your response!

 > Swish-e is probably not the best route if your requirements include 
 > only search + multiple architectures. I would instead look at some 
pure Javascript
 > solution.

I was thinking that that was what the patched-swish-e+jsFind combination 
would give me. The patch enables swish-e to output the index as XML, 
which is then all that jsFind (Javascript) needs to query. No need for 
swish-e itself to be delivered at all.

The down side is that the patch (for was never incorporated 
into swish-e proper, and jsFind has been orphaned.

> I seem to recall that Orielly used to ship a CD of their books with a JS search
> tool included. It may or may not be what informed this book:

Thanks for the link -- I'd hadn't found this resource. The hard part, 
though, is coming up with the database to query. As the chapter says "If 
your site has more than a few hundred web pages, you'll probably want to 
have a server-side program generate the code containing all the 
records." That is what I thought swish-e could help with.

I live in a Python world, where it has now been suggested to use 
BeautifulSoup <> to extract 
the words and create an index. I think that will work, albeit slowly.

Janet Swisher, Sr. Technical Writer
Enthought, Inc.,

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Received on Wed Jul 23 11:46:39 2008