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[swish-e] Swish::Filter not working?

From: <amscopub-pcshop(at)>
Date: Mon Jul 14 2008 - 17:21:35 GMT
Is it not working or am I misunderstanding what it's supposed to do? Here's what I did:
I ran the existing on some simple files:
    picture.jpg worked as expected. (Plain.txt was indexed and picture.jpg was skipped because it's a binary.) However, changing the filenames to:
    plain.txt => fake.jpg
    picture.jpg => fake.txt
completely threw off Swish::Filter. The plain.txt file was no longer indexed and the fake.txt was indexed.

Isn't Swish::Filter supposed to be using mime types to determine the file type? (and not the extension?) 

SWISH-E 2.4.5
OpenSuse 10.2

 --Thanks and God bless!

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