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[swish-e] Filters

From: Francisco M. Vives <vivesfm(at)>
Date: Mon May 12 2008 - 16:25:00 GMT
Hi Guys,

Is there a place with all the available filters to use with SWISH-E?
I need to know all the types of files that can be filtered in that way, 
for example, is there any filter that performs OCR on jpg files that can 
be used with SWISH-E?

One more thing, how flexible is SWISH-E with filters when using 
different versions of the filters?
Last time I tried to index a PDF document I got some erros with the 
filter that seemed to be happen because the filter didn't work for that 
version of PDF. So, what happens if I try to use the newest 
pdftotext.exe and where can anybody get the updated versions of the filters?

Francisco Vives
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Received on Mon May 12 12:23:24 2008