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[swish-e] Needing Assistance

From: david webster <dejaww(at)>
Date: Fri Apr 18 2008 - 03:34:31 GMT
I think I can probably install and configure a simple Swish-e instance.  But
I want to:

- Use the web Spider to crawl a list of URLs.  Crawl every week.
- Configure for incremental updates
- Configure the search results to show "Title", "description" and URL
- Add some goodies to the results pages (I can do that part)

I also prefer to set up Swish-e in such a way that it can serve several
accounts with a different list of URLs (and CRON jobs) for different

I seriously doubt that I can do all that myself .. so ..

- What would be an appropriate / realistic fee for having a 3rd party
install, configure and write a brief document on how to manage the crawl.
- Without resorting to the coder for hire sites, where can I find folks who
would undertake this task? Recommendations appreciated.

I have a dedicated server with 2MB RAM, 500 g drives and unmetered
bandwidth.  I have root access and the server is managed. The sites would be
my own, I'm not a hosting seller.

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