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[swish-e] Swish-e for OS X in fink

From: Josh Rabinowitz <joshr-swishe(at)>
Date: Mon Feb 25 2008 - 18:58:16 GMT

My packaging of Swish-e has been accepted into fink, the project that 
aims "to bring the full world of Unix Open Source software to Darwin 
and Mac OS X".

If you use OS X, you can install a complete setup of Swish-e via fink by

1) enabling fink's unstable branch (where the Swish-e package 
currently resides),

2) enabling updates via rsync or CVS,

3) running a "fink selfupdate", and

4) typing "fink install swish-api-pm  swish-e swish-e2-dev swish-e2-shlibs"

--- More detailed instructions follow: ---

1) to enable fink's unstable branch and enable updates via rsync or CVS, type
    fink configure
then, answer the default to all questions except:
  * enable the "unstable" tree (where new packages reside)

2 & 3) To enable updates via rsync, type
   fink selfupdate-rsync

4) type
   fink install swish-api-pm  swish-e swish-e2-dev swish-e2-shlibs

Please let me know (on or off-list) if you have any problems, or if 
you've used the fink packages at all!  Feedback is MUCH appreciated. 
If we get enough positive feedback, then the Swish-e packages will be 
accepted into the Stable branch of fink!

  Josh Rabinowitz
-- Josh Rabinowitz                  --
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