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Re: [swish-e] Indexing via HTTPS - Not Working

From: Peter Karman <peter(at)>
Date: Thu Feb 21 2008 - 19:23:39 GMT
On 02/21/2008 01:19 PM, Adam Douglas wrote:

> I tried to get some help in IRC in the Perl channel on freenode and I
> receive this response "just 'use LWP::Protocol::https;'
> LWP::Protocol::https::Socket isn't in its own file.". Being of course
> since I did not write Swish-e I'm now lost further as to how to resolve
> the issue of indexing via https. I receive no error messages when
> indexing via http.

I have been bitten by that error. Install Net::SSLeay as I wrote earlier. If you can't get
it installed via cpan, make sure you have openssl (or some other flavor) installed.

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