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Re: [swish-e] Swish-e not indexing doc or PDF files

From: Liam Buchanan <Liam.Buchanan(at)>
Date: Tue Feb 12 2008 - 23:43:32 GMT

I am using to crawl. I have only 1 pdf on the entire intranet
as a test. I have tried both the domain and ip in the hyperlink.
I did some extensive testing yesterday. The strange thing is if I use
pdftotext or pdftohtml directly on a local file then it generates the
output correctly.
It seems to have a big problem opening the pdf after running swish-e.
this same pdf can be opened directly from a browser (as a binary file)
and as stated before it opens when directly applying pdftotext and
pdftohtml in cmd.
Heres the pdftohtml error:

 (523 words)
http://*****.au/dsdweb/v4/apps/web/secure/docs/25.pdf - Using HTML
2 parser - Error: Couldn't open file ''http://*****.au/dsdweb/v4/a
 (no words indexed)

Also I am not sure how to turn on the -T debugging - can you assist me
with this.
Verbose is active.



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Liam Buchanan wrote on 2/11/08 6:26 PM:
> Hi,
> Hope someone can suggest a solution to this frustrating problem.
> We are running swish-e on our development server that indexes our 
> production intranet server. However the problem lies in the inability 
> for the indexing to process .doc or PDF files. When the search reaches

> a hyperlink that is linked to a PDF or doc file the process halts and 
> the error message is produced below (under output)  Before running 
> swish-e, we connect to our production server via a proxy connection 
> first (ntlmaps)

it isn't clear to me how you are aggregating your documents. ?
Some other crawler?

The FileFilter config can work at odds with the SWISH::Filter stuff in, effectively trying to convert non-text files 2x.

Try indexing one, troublesome, document. Break down the process:
fetching the doc, feeding it to swish-e, etc. Turn on verbosity and the
-T debugging options.

Peter Karman  .  .  peter(at)
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