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[swish-e] Can I index by filename and directory over http

From: David Annis <david(at)>
Date: Tue Feb 12 2008 - 14:47:14 GMT
I am a longtime user of htdig and would like to switch to swish-e, but I
need to be able to index part of sites in several ways.  I need to be able
to do particular page(s) on one site, a directory on a second and a set of
pages on a third that all use a common naming convention, but the page that
links to them does not.

Here's an example and how I think the swish configuration might work.  I
want to index:,
anything in
And all of the pages linked from
that match flowers_*.html

I think that the first two would be:

But the third line of the config is harder.  I don't see how to start at one
page (products.html) that I really don't care to have indexed but follow its
links or how to use a regex on the results only from the links on that
particular page.  Is this doable with swish-e?


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Received on Tue Feb 12 09:47:17 2008