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Re: [swish-e] Re: Proximity for Swish-e/SwishCtl

From: Sean <schliden(at)>
Date: Tue Feb 05 2008 - 15:50:20 GMT
Herman Knoops wrote:
> Is it possible you download our swish-e.exe (v2.4.0),
> for indexing, and rebuild a small test index at your
> side. Just to see if we're looking in the right
> direction ?


Problem solved.

Did as you suggested and created an index using your 2.4.0 swish-e, and 
the asp search script started working immediately.

I have put it through some tests for the last hour or so and it has not 
missed a beat !

So, it seems that the newer index formats do not play well with your 
older 2.4.0 code.

The next obvious question, is, what is the cost of sticking with the 
older version ???

David seemed to indicate (much earlier in this thread) the possibility 
of including your SwishCtl in the future windows builds of swish-e.

Clearly, being able to call your dll directly from .asp is a much 
cleaner solution than the aspexec cmd line alternative.

Thanks for your patience and help in getting this working. I really 
appreciate it.



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