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[swish-e] grouping of search results by site?

From: Kevin Porter <kev(at)>
Date: Thu Jan 24 2008 - 00:51:55 GMT

Can anyone advise how best to implement grouping of search results, for 
example to show no more than 3 results from any one site in any one page 
of results?

I'm implementing it in the front-end of my search results via PHP, but 
after half a day of coding it's getting complex, and a proper solution 
would require processing all search results (for example, to predict how 
many prev/next page links to display) which would result in a query 
taking too long if there are thousands of results returned from swish-e. 
So I'd like to know of any better solutions.

Maybe someone knows of some decent PHP code that does it, or maybe 
someone's made an informal build of swish-e with this functionality? Or 
any other ideas? It's such a desirable (if not essential - some searches 
of my index turn up more than a page worth's of results from the same 
site) thing for a search engine to have I'm guessing there are solutions 
out there?

many thanks for any pointers in the right direction,

- Kev

Kevin Porter
Advanced Web Construction Ltd

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