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[swish-e] count number of times a word occurs in an index

From: Eric Lease Morgan <eric_morgan(at)>
Date: Fri Dec 28 2007 - 23:09:17 GMT
How can I use swish-e to count the number of times a word occurs in an  

I have indexed sets of HTML pages containing images at the following  

I can then query the index and return results. Tastes great. Less  

I now want to create a "tag cloud" for navigation purposes.  
Specifically, I want to extract all the words (sans stop words) from  
my index, along with the number of times each word occurs in the  
index. Given this data I can create a tag cloud of most common words  
whose functionality will look something like what is found here:

I know how to extract a list of all words from my index, but I don't  
know how to get the number of times (frequency) the word occurs.

Can somebody here help me out?

Eric Lease Morgan
Infomotions, Inc.

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Received on Fri Dec 28 17:51:28 2007