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[swish-e] Using the asterisk wildcard in SWISH

From: Susan Wilson <SusanW(at)>
Date: Fri Dec 14 2007 - 05:11:10 GMT
Hi Guys,
I'm a newbie to SWISH.  I'm a user rather than a techo, in that our ISP
offers SWISH as a Site-search Add-on, but it's been bundled with other
stuff they provide and it seems their help Desk has NOT been upskilled
in SWISH.  So I'm kinda struggling at the moment.  A further
complication has been that I'm working from a Windows XP environment and
our website is stored on a UNIX server.  The UNIX environment is
unfamiliar.   It is only by chance that I discovered that UNIX likes
text files with line-endings of LF (linefeed), not CRLF as Windows uses.

I have used the ISP-supplied query form as a base, and created our
"advanced search" form  -- see 
I'm having trouble with the wildcard * (asterisk).
I use the word "myth" (without the quotes) -- and it correctly doesn't
find anything.
I use "myth*" and again it doesn't find anything -- incorrectly
I use "myths" or "mythteries"  (like mysteries only with a lisp!) and it
finds items
Can someone explain why I am not finding anything using the wildcard?  
It is as though the "*" is chopped off before it gets anywhere near the
Is there a config file parameter (set or not set) that might trip up the
use of an asterisk as a wildcard?
Is there something that I can get the ISP techos to run for me that will
   Susan C Wilson
   C/- FOG-Catcher Limited
   Email: <> 
   Phone:  64  4  567 1891
   Fax:      64  4  567 1892 

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