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From: J Robinson <jrobinson852(at)>
Date: Mon Dec 03 2007 - 17:57:26 GMT
From: Peter Karman <>
Sent: Sunday, December 2, 2007 8:14:35 PM

J Robinson wrote on 11/27/07 3:37 PM:
> Hello, All:
> I was hoping that the swish-e developers could make the
> large file support options
>  the default for the next version of swish-e. 
> I've been using those flags on swish-e since august 2005.
> Thoughts?
> jrobinson

I have made a first pass at auto-detecting the need for those compiler
as of r1967 in swish-e/trunk (that's the 2.5.x leg).


Please have a play with svn or a nightly build created after tonight,
 and see
what works (and what does not) for you.


Thanks for looking into all that and making that change!

Is there an easy way (short of actually building an index over 2.1GB) to test if swish-e 's large file support is setup correctly for a given system?


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