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[swish-e] $server->{no_index}

From: <Rene.Kloos(at)>
Date: Mon Nov 26 2007 - 12:46:53 GMT
Good afternoon!

I must be doing something ultimately stupid as I cannot get the
$server->{no_index} to work.

Here's what I am trying to do. I am targeting a directory with Word files and
PDFs. Apache nicely shows me this fancy listing and the swish-e spider
happily follows the links to the listed files and the indexing is done. So,
the 'index' file if you like is generated by Apache, there's no default html
page in that directory.

This is fine, but I don't want the generated listing itself to show up in the
search and I thought to use the test_response for that with the no_index
flag. If I understand correctly, this means that when set the page will not
be indexed, but the spider will follow the links on it (right?).

My test_response is:

test_response           =>      sub {
                                          my $server = $_[1];
                                          $server->{no_index}++ if
$_[0]->path =~ /\/intranet\/communities\/TechnologyObservatory\/$/;

My (false?) assumption was that this would not index pages that end with
'TechnologyObservatory/', but it skips everything.

Can someone show me the light :-)


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