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Re: [swish-e] Change the indexed 'title'

From: <josh(at)>
Date: Wed Oct 24 2007 - 17:42:13 GMT
>Hello Josh,
>> On a few pages I would need to return the 'title' content too... How
>> would I go about doing both; I would assume different indexes for
>> different 'types' of pages (i.e., i can index all the files that I need
>> to capture the <strong></strong> as the title, i can index all the files
>> i need to capture the <a href=""></a> and then I can separately index all
>> the files I need to capture the <title></title>...) 
>You can index each type to a different index file (using the -f switch) and
>then read all the index files when searching:
>    Indexing:
>    swish-e -i type1_emitter -S prog -f type1.index
>    swish-e -i type2_emitter -S prog -f type2.index
>    (or you can use -i type1_dir -c type1.conf if you don't want to use an
>    emitter).
>    Searching:
>    swish-e -f type1.index type2.index -w QUERY
>> Very new to Swish-E;
>Welcome :)
>Miki Tebeka


thanks for the reply; I apologize in advance if I am being a dunce here.   
I understand what you are saying in regards to creating the multiple indexes and then how to search across multiple indexes - so I am good on that.. However, not sure what you mean my 'emitter', and still not sure how to set it up so I can run an index and get the text within a field other the <title></title> to be the title that shows up on a query....... Like I mentioned, i would need to index a set of files that use the text within a <a href=""></a> tag for the title, as well as another set that would index files and use the text within a <strong></strong> tag for the title.. The other set that i need to index that has the title in the right place <title></title>; is all set and configured.

I am decent at PHP and javascript - but perl is foreign to me. 

Again, I apologize for my lack of knowledge on this; but your help is truly appreciated!!

thanks again!

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Received on Wed Oct 24 13:42:13 2007