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[swish-e] swish.conf questions

From: Kerry Kobashi <kkobashi(at)>
Date: Thu Aug 09 2007 - 06:48:32 GMT
1) Is it possible to have swish-e list the full pathname on the -T REGEX 

When I type in the following:

swish-e -c swish.conf -T REGEX

All I get is the filename and not the full path. I have directories that 
are deeply nested with some files of the same filename (like index.htm, 
etc.). Its difficult to debug which directory and file swish-e is 
referring to.

2) Is the number of files indexed a correct value?

When using FileResults/FileMatch, it appears that swish-e doesn't 
correctly show the true number of files that were indexed. If a file is 
not considered to match, for example, it includes that file as part of 
the total indexed file count. I can tell this is incorrect because 
swish-e would say I had 19 files indexed when REGEX clearly shows that 
only 4 were considered as a match. That is, the other 15 were tossed out.

Kerry Kobashi

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Received on Thu Aug 9 02:47:37 2007