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[swish-e] htmlParseEntityRef: expecting ;

From: Bohl, Thomas (StBA Krumbach) <Thomas.Bohl(at)>
Date: Mon Jun 25 2007 - 15:58:21 GMT
Hello everybody,

some hours ago i have updated from 2.4.2 to 2.4.5. Now, when i will create the index, i get hundredths of error messages:

Indexing Data Source: "HTTP-Crawler"
Indexing "" error: htmlParseEntityRef: expecting ';'
<li><a href=nachricht.php?tn=1;&ID=326>Verbindungsabbrüche in Outlook</a><br>
                                  ^ error: htmlParseEntityRef: expecting ';'
<li><a href=nachricht.php?tn=2;&ID=3>Einheitliche Datenablagestruktur und Dateib
                                  ^ error: htmlParseEntityRef: expecting ';'
<li><a href=nachricht.php?tn=4;&ID=10>Informationen zum Datenaustausch mit GE-Of
...and so on.

I don't get the point! Why semicolon are expected there?

The index is fine, but my errorlog is full with these messages.
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