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[swish-e] Environment parameters

From: <info(at)>
Date: Tue Jun 12 2007 - 13:28:51 GMT
Hi, this is my first post to the list. 
I have swish-e up and running on a Windows and on a linux server and am very
happy with its possibilities and performance. Now I am trying to scan a mail
directory under Windows that has all the messages as single files in it,
with lots of subdirs. The best method for scanning is by the use of the fs
method and then create an http link for squirelmail or some such interface
to actually access the mail files through imap.
This works fine so far using FileFilter to call a batch file (Windows .cmd)
and then using ReplaceRules regex. 
This is an extract of the conf file:
FileFilter .dat ./index.cmd "vpop3 '%p'"
TranslateCharacters :ascii7:
ReplaceRules regex
arameter returned from index.cmd>!i"
As you can see while running index.cmd I need to extract an ID from the file
passed as %p. This UID is created as an environment variable in index.cmd, I
haven't found an answer to my question in the docs or FAQs and it may not be
possible to do at all. However I would need this value to properly be able
to address the file through the webserver. This is an IMAP ID which is not
reflected in the filename but is only contained within the file, so
index.cmd actually extracts this data from the file and this data is needed
to construct a valid link to the actual mail file.
My question is: 
Is there a possibility by using FileFilter to return any parameters for
usage within the config file? Or is there any other solution for this? 

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