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Re: [swish-e] ignorewords wildcard?

From: Frank Hunt <linux(at)>
Date: Wed May 23 2007 - 18:22:17 GMT
I guess I am not sure how to do either of these  :-(

Peter Karman wrote:
> Frank Hunt wrote on 5/23/07 12:15 PM:
>> The site I am indexing contains many html docs beginning with "dsc_". 
>> Is it possible to configure my search to ignore documents beginning with 
>> this string?  I have scoured the internets to no avail.
>> Thanks . . .
> why not just omit them from the index in the first place?
> or if you want to include them in index and search them only under special 
> conditions, see the ExtractPath directive. You could create a MetaName called 
> 'file_prefix' and just append 'NOT file_prefix=dsc_' to all queries by default.

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