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[swish-e] Excluding DIVs

From: <Rene.Kloos(at)>
Date: Wed Apr 18 2007 - 10:40:47 GMT
Good afternoon,

I want to exclude contents contained within certain DIVs from being indexed,
but I cannot manage to get it to work. I used as a guide and actually managed
to get it to work with that particular example by adding IgnoreMetaTags
div.product-authors, but in my real-life environment I simply cannot get it
to work. It's probably something silly...

It concerns the contents of our 'left navigation bar'. This is contained
within <div id="inlnb">, so I added the following to the config:

XMLClassAttributes id
MetaNames div.inlnb
IgnoreMetaTags div.inlnb

There are other DIVs within the surrounding DIV.

Any help is appreciated.

René Kloos

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Received on Wed Apr 18 06:41:06 2007