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[swish-e] Using Swish-E to index many different file types?

From: Jon Spriggs <jon(at)>
Date: Sun Apr 15 2007 - 20:33:16 GMT
Hi all,

I was pointed in this application's direction by a friend of mine to try and
help another friend with some file recovery...

In essence, about a week ago, the hard disk of a friends machine was
formatted before some critical documents were transferred to another
media... I ran PhotoRec from CGSecurity, which has recovered about 7Gb of
data with various filenames, including the document types as file

I've transferred these files into directories organised by file extension,
but now I need some way to render the data with some form of index...

Is there some template of a config file which covers all the supported file
extensions (e.g. PDF, DOC, XLS, MP3, TXT) that I could use to make this data
available back to my friend?

I've never used Swish before, and so I'm pretty lost! I've read the "how to
index anything" article mentioned on the website, and have downloaded catdoc
and xls2csv, so... please can someone help?

Many many thanks in advance!

Jon "The Nice Guy"

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Received on Sun Apr 15 16:33:18 2007