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[swish-e] Limiting content from

From: <mitch-swish(at)>
Date: Thu Mar 29 2007 - 19:18:28 GMT
I want to eliminate some portions of the pages on our site from indexing -
I've marked them in the HTML with specially formatted HTML comments.  

The way I made it work was to add this code at the very top of
output_content in (V 1.26):

if ( my $fn = $server->{alter_content} ) {
    eval {
        $fn->($server, $content, $uri, $response); 
    die "alter_content died for $uri: $@\n" if $@;

Is this a good way to accomplish it?  I put my actual logic in the config
file of course.  

I could have also used the existing output_function callback, but there is a
lot of miscellaneous stuff that happens after that call before the output
that I would have to replicate in my code if I did so.

Mitch Claborn

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Received on Thu Mar 29 15:18:13 2007