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[swish-e] PDF custom properties

From: Eric Jobidon <eric(at)>
Date: Wed Mar 14 2007 - 19:02:22 GMT
I am trying to offer users a way to search PDF files using user defined
metadata embedded in the PDF file. This works fine for the "standard" PDF
pre-defined meta fields (such as Author, Title, Keywords, etc), but the PDF
"custom properties" don't work as well.

I want to allow users to create their own metadata fields, and the custom
properties seem to be the appropriate way to do this. Except that I can't
index those values.

I have successfully been using the PDFToText utility to extract text and
"standard" metadata from PDF files. The tool does not, however, offer the
capability to export PDF custom properties.

Does anyone know of an open source Linux CLI tool that allows the extraction
of PDF custom properties?

Thanks for your help!

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Received on Wed Mar 14 14:02:13 2007