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indexing sections of pages

From: graham hadgraft <graham.hadgraft(at)>
Date: Thu Jan 11 2007 - 12:22:36 GMT
I want to only index certain parts of certain pages so i am using the
<!-- SwishCommand noindex --> and <!--SwishCommand index --> tags.
However swish is still indexing every part of every page.

My page looks something like below.

   header information
<body><!-- SwishCommand noindex -->
body content
<!--SwishCommand index -->
 content i want to index
<!--  SwishCoommand noindex -->
the rest of the body content

swish indexes everything, where as i want it to index just

content i want to index

i have also tried adding <swishbody> tags before the first
swishcommand tag and after the last swish command tag that also did
not work.

Am i missing a step to index.

my cfg file has the following line which i think is needed for
swishcommand tags:

IndexContents HTML2 .html

Any help on this is appreciated
Received on Thu Jan 11 04:22:44 2007